Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A post here, a post there...

I have still not figured out just how to maintain my personal blog (this one) and continue writing creative blogs on so I figured if I write a post on that website I will just include it as a link on this blog.

So, since I have written a new post for them here is the link...check it out and thanks to everyone that supports my writing.

Also just a little update...we are officially moved in and I am happy to say I am now a resident of downtown Columbus. We had soooo many people that helped on moving day and it made it so much easier so thank you to everyone from the bottom of my are all the best!!! We are slowing unpacking and decorating and things are coming together great. Hopefully we will be having a "home" warming party soon, but until then I will enjoy exploring the neighborhood.

A picture of some of the guys relaxing after the big move. Although we liked the stadium seating, we did not keep the couches this way.

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