Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's worth a try!

I spend a lot of time on the computer reading other peoples blogs and getting great ideas and inspiration for so many things. A list of some of my favorites is on the sidebar of my website you can check out if you get bored one day. As you probably have figured out by now, I have been semi-vegan for over a year now partly from reading these blogs....and just when I think I might start to incorporate meat back in to my diet even just a little bit, I am reminded in so many ways why I eat the way i do in the first place.

First thing....the Oprah show the other day just took the 7 day vegan challenge and discussed how great and fairly easy it was for most of them. They discussed how so many American people are literally addicted to fast food and sugar. they also took a tour of a slaughter house...and although that particular place was one of the cleanest and most "humane" I was still so disturbed by what I was watching a vegan diet seemed like an even better idea to continue.

So, I turned to my favorite and trusty blog and found that she was currently writing out a meal plan and ideas for a vegan diet. It is complete with a grocery list for the first 6 day meal plan. Reading over it, i was struck at how simple it all seemed so I decided to give it a try. I went to the grocery store today with my list in hand. After spending a little too much money and looking like I could possibly be housing a million rabbits with the amount of green food I was buying...I have taken the first step toward this vegan challenge. the actual web page you can find her plan is

I plan on really giving this my full attention...eating vegan and making an effort to exercise most days for the next 30 days. I really want to get healthy!! If I can keep that up, then i will continue and see where this goes. I feel like if I share this goal on here...then I am held more responsible for completing it. If I get really crazy I may post a before shot...or maybe I'll just wait and see if the after shot is even that great...hmmm!?!?!?

Wish me luck...oh, and here are a couple of pics from the grocery run today

I told you I bought alot of healthy stuff..


  1. I always get almond milk & ezekial bread.. I might have to give this plan a try too!

  2. I'll be on board when I return from the southland! Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and ps, you are already pretty healthy, you are just tweaking it to be even better.

  3. interesting. does this plan include alcohol?