Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 is the new black

A lady at work yesterday was talking to one of my younger coworkers about the fact that she was turning 26. The lady was explaining that she felt like her 20's were not nearly as great at her 30's (i am assuming she is in her 50's now) and how it seemed that in her 20's she was just really trying to figure out who in world she really was. By the time she experienced her 30's she was able to really enjoy herself because she had already figured herself out...and didn't have to make excuses or apologies for who she was.

I can completely relate to this...although I am not really that far in to my 30's I can already tell you that I like them better than my 20's. Don't get me life in my 20's had some really great moments and I would love to relive a bunch of them, but for the most part I spent alot of time really trying to decide who it was I wanted to be. I spent so much of my 20's trying to be who i thought everyone else wanted me to be, who i was "supposed" to be. Now that I am a little older a certain calm has come over me...I know who I am and I am not afraid to show it, and I won't apologize for it either. I like who I am.

For the first time in a long time I can honestly say I am sincerely happy with myself and where my life is right now. I absolutely LOVE my job. The people I work with and their dedication and passion for what they do is simply amazing. I love what I am doing, and who I am doing it for. I wake up every morning and never once do I hesitate because I don't want to go to work (its usually because I am tired) I look forward to going to work everyday and that is something I have been searching for.

I am not in a relationship and for the first time in, well, forever...I am ok with that. I know people always say you can't really love someone else completely until you love yourself. I always thought that was probably true to some extent, but i am here to say it is absolutely true 100%. I have learned this from can you give yourself to someone else when you don't even really know who you are??? I am certain that when the man of my dreams comes along I will finally be ready and that idea alone makes me happy.

I have the best roommate in the have a million cousins around that you love and enjoy hanging out with is awesome, and to live with one of those cousins who also happens to be one of your best friends is the best gift I could ever ask for. I love living with Kelly,and cannot be happier to be moving downtown to start another adventure!

The 20's were alot of Natalie and I have decided the year of 23 and 29 seemed to be the best, but I am pretty confident that my 30's are gonna be even better...30 is the new black, and I love the color black almost as much as pink so this is going to be good:)

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  1. I like who you are too.....of course, I've liked, or at least put up with, who you've been all along.