Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am different!

The reverb10 challenge continues...if you are wondering why I keep answering tough questions every day check out It is a challenge to reflect on the past year and look towards the next. At any rate here is todays question:

December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

Wow...this challenge has proven to be the hardest for me to write. I find it incredibly hard to reflect on what I do that lights people up. My instinct is to call several of my friends or family and just ask them, but that would defeat the entire exercise because it's not really what they say but what I think that matters in this reflection. goes:

When you are growing up you are taught that each person is unique and different and that's what makes each person so special...and I believe this to an extent. The older I have gotten and the more I have come to observe people (because I am overly observant) I have realized that people really aren't that different when it comes right down to the heart of life...which I find comforting. But as for me...the things that I am most proud of in myself and that light up the people I am closest to are so personal to each of the people I am close with.

Its those little moments in life...the moments I call my mom at 6:30 in the morning to tell her to look outside at the sunrise because the thought of her missing it just doesn't seem right...I'm pretty sure that lights her life up.

Or the moments I text my friend about our favorite show Glee...we don't really get to talk on the phone often or see each other in person but those texts are priceless and often hilarious (more her than me...she lights up my life with the hilarious things she says) and I would like to think she enjoys those as much as me, even the texts not about Glee!

Maybe it's the moments I call my dad whenever I need to make a serious (at least to me) life decision...his opinion means the world to me and I think deep down he might get a little light in his life by me still being 30 and calling for his advice...and dad if you are reading this I have finally learned you are normally/always right on the things that really matter :)

I might light up the life of my friends by my constant observations of people...including them. They hang out with me knowing that I will be the one that notices that orange belt the lady in the next bowling lane is wearing and they can talk to me about it when no one else seems to even see it. I am the one that will notice when they are abnormally quite and I will usually ask them if something is wrong...they can't really get away with much because I will notice. I think this is a good quality and I hope they find it different in a way that sheds positive light on our friendship.

i am different in the relationship I have with my sister and brother...we can have what some would find to be a horrible argument and within seconds be laughing and enjoying each others company. Maybe this isn't that different from other siblings out there, but when we argue we ARGUE...we get it out of our system and we don't usually apologize because we know if we have crossed a line it goes with out saying we are sorry. and when we are finished and have said what we need to say we are best friends again...that my friends is called unconditional love:)

When I stop and write about all the little moments that make me different and unique and help to put light in others makes me smile. Even though I still think most people are pretty similar when it comes right down to it, the small things...the things that really count, are the things that make us different. Not everyone has lived the exact life in the exact order with the exact small moments as me, so that makes me different. It makes me see things in a different way and I wouldn't change those exact moments, in the exact order my life has taken me because it has made me who I am today and I'm pretty happy with me!

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