Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost 30!!!

Hey everyone! As you know I moved in August and i have become so busy with day to day life that i have completely neglected my blog. I have so many things i want to i really need to step it up on here PLUS i only have 9 short days until i hit the big 3-0!!! so little time left in my 20's and so much to blog about...i'm overwelmed.

you may or may not know that i LOVE quotes...i think i like them so much because it amazes me how much they can inspire and move me with so few words. my latest favorite is this:

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer"
--Zora Neale Hurston

I was so struck by the truth in this quote. Most people make resolutions and promises for a new year on new years eve... but i usually do this on my birthday. To me, that is the beginning of my new year. When i first read this quote i knew right away, without a doubt, i have just lived through several years that were all about asking questions. how many years in a row can we really live through life with only questions and no real answers, right?? those "question" years can really way on you, and i know from experience sometimes it feels like you may never catch a break...but, i think (and really hope) that we absolutely must have question years to really appreciate the answer years. without questions, what is the point of answers anyway?

I am confident that i have asked enought questions about life in the last couple of years that my 30th year will be one of answers! I am actually excited about what this next year might bring...even if there are a few questions thrown in there :) I encourage everyone to embrace the questions...ask a million of them about life and then really listen to the answers, you might be surprised at what you hear!

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  1. I think you are going to have a great year. You are due, plus, I can't think of anyone else who deserves to have some improvement on the horizon. You still amaze me that you are such a "wise-child". (not to be confused with a wise-ass, which you are capable of as well :) )