Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I woke up Friday morning and didn't really feel back didn't hurt, my knees seemed fine...I somehow turned 30 and survived!!! I have to say 30 feels pretty good. The chance to start fresh in a new decade feels oddly liberating. I feel like I have a whole life ahead of me and I see it all so much more clearly. To be honest I don't know if it's really because I turned 30 or what happened...but I honestly just feel so...happy. This was quite possibly the best birthday yet for me and it was such a simple one..spent with family and friends the way I wanted it to be. My life just seems to be falling together and I somehow have extreme confidence that this year will be one of my best!!!
Of course I took pics to showcase the events of my birthday...but please forgive me, i got wrapped up in the moments and didn't take very many. The day began with me actually waking up early and jogging 3 miles(i'm training for the Disney half marathon...and besides my first day officially being 30 i figured i should start of responsible and healthy, right?) So, anyway...jogged then headed over to meet up with my mom, sister, aunt Mickey and cousin Kelly for some girl time which included pedicures:
Cocktails...of course! it was 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
We shopped around for a little while, then headed to the Short North where I got to try Jeni's ice cream for the first time...and I am officially in LOVE with this stuff. We had fun exploring shops we wouldn't usually get to look around and then headed back to Zanesville to meet up with more family and friends for dinner at Muddy Misers...a great little restaurant that I happen to also LOVE! This is a picture of one of my closest friends Codi that i am so happy came out and joined us for the night!

And the cake...I have to give my cousin Kelly so much credit for making this thing. I had seen on a website this rainbow cake and fell in love (yes i love rainbows, get over it) It was six layers each a different color of the rainbow and just looking at made you smile. Anyway Kelly knew how much i loved it and tried to recreate it...which sort of happened until she found it in her car like had fallen over. is the thought that counts and i was so thankful she put so much effort in and despite the looks it was DELICIOUS!!!!! (ps..check out the box she put it in...impressive)
My birthday weekend continued on to Saturday where we celebrated my dad's birthday and attended my cousin's wedding. If you have read my blog before you know I LOVE weddings, so having a family wedding to go to on my birthday weekend was a present in disguise for me. It was such a lovely wedding filled with so much love and happiness. Congrats Adam and Kali!

Over all, it was a great weekend and birthday made possible by all of my wonderful friends and family. I can't say enough about how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life and I feel very motivated and happy to make this 30th year of my life one of the best yet!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let the celebration begin...OMG!!!

Growing up there was a group of us that had our birthdays around the same time. I always new when it was Amy's birthday at the end of September it was the beginning of birthday season! I loved birthdays then, and I still love them today...even if it is my big 3-0!! In my family you basically got to celebrate your birthday for an entire was and still is perfectly acceptable to use the excuse "but it's my birthday..." We would wake up on our birthday and my mom would make us breakfast which usually consisted of pancakes with strawberry's and whip cream on an awesome plate that said "happy birthday" around the edge. Needless to say you always felt special on your birthday in my family. And I am happy to report that every year, no matter where we are, my parents will call us on our birthday morning and sing (usually happily off key) the entire birthday song...its sort of become our family thing cause usually my brother and sister and I now all call home to sing it to our parents too on their birthday.

Birthdays are special to me because who can deny how nice it is for everyone to come together on your day and remind you that they like you and are genuinely happy you were born in the first place! And i like birthdays because i really enjoy reminding my friends and family that i like them and am happy they were born too:) Which brings me back to one of my favorite times of year...birthday season. As i said, my friend Amy was usually the kick off birthday, followed by many others and its nice to report that even after all of these years of being friends we have still managed to get together during birthday season to celebrate all of our big 3-0's.
(i feel it is necessary to include in this that i have other great friends who don't live close to us or who have birthdays not during my "birthday season". I love all of them equally and if i could i would travel to celebrate with all of them..possibly even bring a house candle for them to blow out too. unfortunately its really hard to make it to all the parties due to location but i really needed to acknowledge the rest of my friends because i love them and thier birthdays too!)

Here is the first of the season..a group of us at Genji to celebrate Amy's 30th.

And here is David blowing out his house candle (I made the cake but forgot the real birthday candles) to celebrate his big 30th!
And although it seemed like the day would never come (or the week, cause that's how i celebrate it) is upon us...the first in several birthday celebrations for my big 30th! It was a fun occasion had by all...Natalie made her famous white trash casserole...and even made me a small personal portion with no meat, YUM!
This was followed by a delicious and very fall festive dirt pie made by Kelly. Since Kelly forgot the same birthday candles i had forgotten for Davids party, we were forced to use another house candle..which turns out is alot funnier and alot harder to blow out then the small birthday candles. But i managed to make a wish and blow the candle out...
We ate that deleeecious dessert and posed for a horribly cheesy picture taken by Ben Snyder...he has recently added photographer to his new list of talents :)

I have to say, I have been a little nervous about turning 30 but now that the birthday season is officially in full effect I'm kind of getting excited. I think if i didn't love birthdays so much it may be a different story, but thanks to my family and friends i am ready to face this Friday October 22 with a brave and surprisingly happy face. I am ready for this new year and all that is has to offer...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pescatarian, Vegetarian, or Vegan..oh my?!?!?!

When I decided to stop eating cow, pig, chicken, or any other warm blooded animal last January it was for several reasons which i will explain briefly a little later in this blog. It wasn't really hard for me to give those things up because I was never much of a meat eater prior anyway. I never really labeled what i was doing because it was just sort of a personal decision and i didnt want anyone to question or judge what i was doing. It wasnt until i went to Panera (my friend Natalie is obsessed and often makes me go there) and asked if they had any sort of fish i could add to salad rather than chicken that i learned the term "pescatarian". The girl taking my order said, "oh sure, we have salmon...are you a pescatarian?" I looked at her really confused and so she then explained to me that a pescatarian is someone that only eats fish, not read meat or chicken. So, from then on i was a pescatarian...
As time has gone on i have continued my pescatarian lifestyle but after reading several books and blogs i am strongly thinking about taking this a step further and becoming vegetarian or even vegan!!!! For those of you that dont know a vegetarian is someone that doesnt eat meat at fish or red meat, or chicken or anything...and a vegan is someone that doesnt eat anything that comes from an animal, so on top of not eating any meat they also have no eggs, milk, cheese, etc. Why am i even thinking about doing this you may be asking yourself...well i would love to answer that :)

The first reason I even began living this lifestyle was because of a book called Skinny Bitch. It is great book explaining alot of things dealing with animal based food and all sorts of unhealthy things you probably didnt even realize about food. This book was both fascinating and highly disturbing to me. Especially the chapter on factory farming...I have decided to not go in to very much detail about all of this but i strongly recommend everyone read this book because the things that go on for us to eat are horrific!!!

The second reason I decided to continue this lifestyle is because of another book my mom gave me to read called Eating Animals. This book is equally amazing but I actually found it to be even more of a motivation to not eat animals (hence the name) than the other book. This author had a child and decided he wanted to really investigate where the food he could be feeding his son came from. Throughout this authors life he had been both vegetarian and a meat eater, but he really wanted research about what the best option was for his family. I admired him because he looked at all angles of the food industry. he visited the factory farms with horrible, gut wrenching (literally) things happening...and also visited organic, wonderful farms where animals are slaughtered in the most humane way possible. Unfortunately a HUGE percentage of the meat we purchase is from factory farms...again, i won't go in to the gory details, but i encourage you to read this book as well because it will change your opinion about eating animals.

I have also come across several blogs from some wonderful women that live healthy vegan lifestyles...and it has really inspired me to think more about what i am eating and to possible become a vegan. Time will tell because being vegan is a lot of work starting off...learning new recipes, buying alot of new kitchen staples, etc. But if it is something that really means alot to you then i suppose those are just excuses and i should probably just go for it. I will keep you posted, but i really would encourage anyone that ever thinks about where their food is coming from to read these books!!!

ps...the blogs i was just talking about that are super excellent are:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost 30!!!

Hey everyone! As you know I moved in August and i have become so busy with day to day life that i have completely neglected my blog. I have so many things i want to i really need to step it up on here PLUS i only have 9 short days until i hit the big 3-0!!! so little time left in my 20's and so much to blog about...i'm overwelmed.

you may or may not know that i LOVE quotes...i think i like them so much because it amazes me how much they can inspire and move me with so few words. my latest favorite is this:

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer"
--Zora Neale Hurston

I was so struck by the truth in this quote. Most people make resolutions and promises for a new year on new years eve... but i usually do this on my birthday. To me, that is the beginning of my new year. When i first read this quote i knew right away, without a doubt, i have just lived through several years that were all about asking questions. how many years in a row can we really live through life with only questions and no real answers, right?? those "question" years can really way on you, and i know from experience sometimes it feels like you may never catch a break...but, i think (and really hope) that we absolutely must have question years to really appreciate the answer years. without questions, what is the point of answers anyway?

I am confident that i have asked enought questions about life in the last couple of years that my 30th year will be one of answers! I am actually excited about what this next year might bring...even if there are a few questions thrown in there :) I encourage everyone to embrace the questions...ask a million of them about life and then really listen to the answers, you might be surprised at what you hear!