Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bringing back an old song

So, I was looking up random things on i-tunes and came across this song. Of course I downloaded it because I download EVERYTHING and pretend like it doesn't cost me a penny :)
What can I say, like I already mentioned, I love music!!!

Anyway as a graduate of the class of '99 this song brought back memories from that year, but I also listened to it for the first time since then and was struck at the how the words still ring so true. They actually ring even more true to me now, at this point in my life, than they did to me back then at the ripe old age of 18..haha! Its such a weird thing to slowly realize the importance of really listening to the advice of people that are older than you and have been in your place at one time. When I was younger, and I know this is true for most people, I thought I knew it all...listening to my parents on certain things was laughable. Now, at the tender age of 29 (almost 30, but who's counting) I feel blessed to have been through enough crap to have learned that listening to my parents and older people that really care about me, is the best thing I could ever do.

It's like in history class growing up, you never understood why you needed to learn about things that happened so many years ago...but one day you realize the importance....there is so much to learn from people that have already walked in our shoes, it's important to learn from past mistakes.

When going through things in my life I remember always saying, "No one knows how I feel!!" And I remember my dad telling me, "Abby, I know it feels like you are the only one going through these things, but you aren't at many people go through the same things!" Listening to this song really just re-reminded me that my dad was right, and remains right on a lot of things because he has been there and might actually know what he is talking about. The adults of the world that care about us, might actually be offering advice because they wish someone would have told them these things when they were younger...too bad you don't realize their advice is sound until you are old enough to be giving advice too.

I guess I am lucky to have realized before turning 30 the importance of truly listening to the people that care about you...their advice comes from years of walking in the same shoes as you. Thank you to all of the wonderful people in my life that are older than me and offer me advise...just know, that I am finally ready to listen, so keep up the good advice!!!

Here is a link to that wonderful song that sparked this long blog entry, really listen to the words and be inspired :)