Monday, June 14, 2010


First of all I really need to express the gratitude I have for all of the amazing and wonderful comments I got about my previous post. It made me feel great to see how it touched so many of really is just what i think and feel at weddings and probably always will. Sometimes it takes another persons point of view to suddenly see something in a different light. I love asking people what they think about things because it helps me to see things in ways i may not have seen them never be afraid to ask too many questions, you may learn something!

I came across this first picture of my parents house from my moms camera. I thought it was so pretty. This picture reminds me of so many things...looking out the window in grade school hoping to wake up to this much snow on the ground and a glorious snow day. It reminds me of Christmas...which i love. My mom decorates the crap out of our house and i have always thought our house is the perfect Christmas card house. Just looking at this picture makes me happy and smile.

And here is another picture of our house...this one is taken in the summer and makes me equally happy. There is just something about going home to a house where so many memories were made, where you grew up, where you cried and laughed and still continue to make those memories. Home is being comfortable, home is one of the best things in the entire world and I am so lucky to have such a great home filled with people that are just as great!

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