Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Job...New Hair

I have been working for a great radiology company for the past seven months. I loved the job and more importantly loved the people I worked with. When I was approached a couple of months ago about a different position within the same company I was confused at first. As you know from my previous blog, I LOVE makeup!!! What you may not know is that my love for makeup actually carries over into anything to do with the beauty industry.

When the time came for me to decide what to do next after graduating from high school, I looked at my dad and said, "Dad, I want to go to school to learn how to put makeup on people better." Thankfully my dad explained that him and my mom really wanted me to get my college education, and if I graduated from college and still wanted to learn about makeup, I could do that AFTER college.

Fast forward four years and I did graduate college, and will never regret that for a second. Much to my parents surprise (i really cant believe they were surprised...have they met me?) I turned to my dad and let him know I still wanted to learn about makeup. Again, thankfully, my parents are wonderful and understood and encouraged the thing I have a passion

Anyway, long story short I got my esthetician and nail tech license and worked in a medical spa for awhile, had several other jobs,came across some "road bumps" (that's what i call it) and then found myself back at square matter what job I had, I still always had a passion for the beauty industry. Anyone that ever spends time with me knows I could and will talk forever, with much enthusiasm, about anything beauty. back to my new job. It just so happens that the company I work for owns their very own medical spa and so they asked me if I would be interested in taking on the office coordinator position. (even the company knew I loved this stuff...I guess I really do talk about it alot :) )

After asking the opinion of anyone I could get a hold of I decided to take the position. With a new job, obviously comes a new hairdo. I still like my long hair so the only way to change long hair is the color (too expensive) or bangs (naturally). So...I got bangs, and love them!

Here are some pics from the new job and of the new hair, enjoy:

The waiting the chandelier!!
The new hair!!!
The really nice cool is the sink?!!?
My lovely desk:
Me sitting at my desk:


  1. Wow abby, that office is swanky! but i still think my desk is a little more high class, no offense. :)

  2. Wow, cool for LOTS of BEAUTY stuff. Love, your mom...who totally did not pass on the beauty thing to you....