Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss you, Love you, Mean it...

This past weekend I was reminded of one of the main things that made me the person I am today. I know this is all probably going to sound a bit cheesy, but it's my blog and I can write whatever I want :)

Growing up I may have taken for granted a lot of things, but as you get older you realize the friendships you made growing up are some of the most precious ones you will ever have. I have been lucky enough to be apart of such an amazing group of people. I can't say enough about these people...and when I really sit here and think about them I am seriously near tears. To make and maintain a wonderful relationship with one or two friends in your life is something I would like to think most people have, at least I would hope they do. But to be able to maintain such strong friendships with an entire group of people as amazing and wonderful as my friends is something not everyone gets to experience.
I have had the same group of friends since I was about 9 years old...sure some have come and gone and I have made new friends in different chapters of my life, but these people have grown with me and know me like no other group of people ever could. And now I am going to quote the greatest show ever made, My So Called Life ( you know you loved that show too!) In that show I remember hearing one of the characters saying this and even back then knowing exactly what she meant...she said "There's the people who you've known forever who, like, know you in this way that other people can't, because they've seen you change...they've let you change."

I can (and often do) call any one of these people at any time, and can tell them a brief story, with little detail, and they can tell me exactly what i should do. And I trust them with every ounce of my being because they have been there and know me. We have seen each other at our worst and at our best, at our ugliest, fatest, skinniest, most beautiful. We have been there for the lows, the highes, and everything in between. We have seen each other hurt, scream, fall down and have a hard time getting back up, but we have also laughed so hard we have tears running down our face. We have so many great memories it's hard to even put them in words, but don't worry Jessica has captured most of them on film and when we do get together we can usually be found reminiscing on all of the hilarious things we used to do,and still do.
Through all of this, somehow we still manage to make extreme efforts to maintain these relationships because we know how precious these people are. We love these people, they have become our family and it is beyond words comforting to know you always have an army at your side when you need them. Here are a few pics from Amy's bach party and bridal brunch...aka tea and crumpets...just another tradition we have carried on for all of our weddings (made possible by Deb and Anne, and all of the other wonderful moms...that's an entire other post, stay tuned) With the exception of a few key players most of us were here this weekend and the ones that couldn't make it, we for sure contacted and thought about often. miss you, love you, mean it!!

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