Thursday, April 22, 2010

T-minus 6 months

ok, so my birthday is October 22...I officially have about 180 days, give or take a couple, until the big 3-0. (dun, dun, dun!) What do I do to celebrate this beginning? Plus it's Earth day, so i obviously can't forget to celebrate the Earth :)

A couple of days ago i get an email from my friend Natalie (you will hear alot about her on this blog...(more about her story to come) and she tells me about this bar featured in our fave Columbus newspaper, Columbus Alive ( ) called "Butter's". We are always on the look out for fun, cheap and cool local hole-in-the-wall bars so we were excited to check this out, and what better day then today! It proved to be cheap, kinda cool, for sure hole-in-the-wall, and probably fun on a weekend night...but needless to say we were hungry (story of our lives) so we had to move on cause Butter's Bar has no kitchen.

We moved on to Average Joe's, which we have already had 2 bad experiences there but thought..."let's give it ONE more go". We are officially done with this bar! The great saying "three strikes and you're out" never meant so much! The service is Les Mis, and the food is just ok. We had a couple of beers, chearsed to a few things and made plans to tailgate for the OSU spring game this weekend. All in was a pretty good night.

End of day one on my journey. I had fun and can't wait for for day two. Tomorrow I think my goal is to look at every person and find one characterisic about them I wish i possessed. Try could prove to be very beneficial...goals are always a good thing!

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