Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I LOVE makeup!

So, as i was getting ready for work this morning I realized that i I have a ton of makeup. This is a picture of my makeup (well some of it...I have more in my closet)

I love makeup...everything about it. Every morning, I actually get a teeny bit excited at the thought that I have so many choices. If I look outside and the sunrise is especially pretty, I might decide to wear oranges, yellows, and reds on my eyes. If I wake up and see my favorite pink scarf I might decide to wear pink lipgloss. I might have on a navy blue sweater... well have no fear cause i'm gonna wear navy blue eye makeup. Makeup is an art for me and one of my passions in life! I could go on forever about it.

Whether you are 29, 30, or 65 makeup is fun. It intimidates some people, but I think if they looked at it like I do...a way to express themselves, it could be fun for them too. So, women all over the world, wake up...look in the mirror...don't be nervous...and express yourself!!! HAVE FUN, BE FEARLESS, AND FOR GOD SAKES LAUGH WHILE DOING!!!


  1. Haha, this made me laugh because all of my makeup fits in a zip lock (sandwich sized) baggie. Your makeup always looks awesome!

  2. You obviously did not get this passion for makeup from your dear old mother! Maybe the love of colors....I'm like you Erin, all mine (3 items) fit into a snack-size zip lock.