Monday, April 26, 2010

Day drinking = several days to recoup!

So this weekend was the OSU spring game. I love, love, love Ohio State football Saturdays so I was really excited to tailgate and to get a preview of future Saturdays to come this fall. I ended up having a lot of fun with friends, and even ran in to my friend Julie that i never get to see and was really excited to spend a little time with. (ps..thanks to Julie for remembering her camera, without it there would be no photos from this weekend)

Anyway, we traveled from the great Varsity Club (way to crowded for our taste) on to the trusty Scarlet and Grey Cafe...we have been watching games there for years and it is still the perfect place:great people, cheap beer, yummy pizza, and room to move. So, here are a few pics from the day...the wonderful but extremely exhausting day. I think i learned my lesson, day drinking is fun, but i might not have many days like that left in has taken me until right now to fully recover...but I guess in the end...IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Ok, so on to the pics: this first one requires a small explanation. This is my wonderful friend who will remain un-named for now. She made her own fanny pack with her sweatshirt and thought it was the best idea...needless to say she eventually had her sweatshirt tied around her shoulders like she was at a golf/horse event...

And here is a "some of us" group shot...

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