Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I LOVE makeup!

So, as i was getting ready for work this morning I realized that i I have a ton of makeup. This is a picture of my makeup (well some of it...I have more in my closet)

I love makeup...everything about it. Every morning, I actually get a teeny bit excited at the thought that I have so many choices. If I look outside and the sunrise is especially pretty, I might decide to wear oranges, yellows, and reds on my eyes. If I wake up and see my favorite pink scarf I might decide to wear pink lipgloss. I might have on a navy blue sweater... well have no fear cause i'm gonna wear navy blue eye makeup. Makeup is an art for me and one of my passions in life! I could go on forever about it.

Whether you are 29, 30, or 65 makeup is fun. It intimidates some people, but I think if they looked at it like I do...a way to express themselves, it could be fun for them too. So, women all over the world, wake up...look in the mirror...don't be nervous...and express yourself!!! HAVE FUN, BE FEARLESS, AND FOR GOD SAKES LAUGH WHILE DOING!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day drinking = several days to recoup!

So this weekend was the OSU spring game. I love, love, love Ohio State football Saturdays so I was really excited to tailgate and to get a preview of future Saturdays to come this fall. I ended up having a lot of fun with friends, and even ran in to my friend Julie that i never get to see and was really excited to spend a little time with. (ps..thanks to Julie for remembering her camera, without it there would be no photos from this weekend)

Anyway, we traveled from the great Varsity Club (way to crowded for our taste) on to the trusty Scarlet and Grey Cafe...we have been watching games there for years and it is still the perfect place:great people, cheap beer, yummy pizza, and room to move. So, here are a few pics from the day...the wonderful but extremely exhausting day. I think i learned my lesson, day drinking is fun, but i might not have many days like that left in has taken me until right now to fully recover...but I guess in the end...IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Ok, so on to the pics: this first one requires a small explanation. This is my wonderful friend who will remain un-named for now. She made her own fanny pack with her sweatshirt and thought it was the best idea...needless to say she eventually had her sweatshirt tied around her shoulders like she was at a golf/horse event...

And here is a "some of us" group shot...

Thursday, April 22, 2010 end day one...according to my dear friend Kerry this is what i do when i get nervous or even when i am just with my hair and "pout" my lips...REALLY, this looks ridiculous!! if this is really what i do, tomorrow on day 2 i need to practice NOT doing this :)

My fave newspaper that helps me find all kinds of cool things to do in the Columbus area...and my beer

Butter's Bar...

T-minus 6 months

ok, so my birthday is October 22...I officially have about 180 days, give or take a couple, until the big 3-0. (dun, dun, dun!) What do I do to celebrate this beginning? Plus it's Earth day, so i obviously can't forget to celebrate the Earth :)

A couple of days ago i get an email from my friend Natalie (you will hear alot about her on this blog...(more about her story to come) and she tells me about this bar featured in our fave Columbus newspaper, Columbus Alive ( ) called "Butter's". We are always on the look out for fun, cheap and cool local hole-in-the-wall bars so we were excited to check this out, and what better day then today! It proved to be cheap, kinda cool, for sure hole-in-the-wall, and probably fun on a weekend night...but needless to say we were hungry (story of our lives) so we had to move on cause Butter's Bar has no kitchen.

We moved on to Average Joe's, which we have already had 2 bad experiences there but thought..."let's give it ONE more go". We are officially done with this bar! The great saying "three strikes and you're out" never meant so much! The service is Les Mis, and the food is just ok. We had a couple of beers, chearsed to a few things and made plans to tailgate for the OSU spring game this weekend. All in was a pretty good night.

End of day one on my journey. I had fun and can't wait for for day two. Tomorrow I think my goal is to look at every person and find one characterisic about them I wish i possessed. Try could prove to be very beneficial...goals are always a good thing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just a picture of the the person that inspired me to do this lovely mother... love ya mom!

My first blog EVER!!!

Hi everyone!! I have to say, there is something oddly exciting about writing on this blog for the first time. I have always been a person that keeps a journal, and when times get tough find it therapy to write things down....but to have your thoughts out there for the world to read, odd.

So, the story of how I suddenly realized my age: I currently work at a doctors office scheduling. I recently had to send myself a reminder to call a certain patient in 6 months to schedule another office visit. When I did the "math" (I'm bad at math, so even counting 6 months ahead is so not fun or easy) I was faced with the disturbing 6 months it will be October. AWWWWWW, my birthday is in October, therefore, in my weird world that led me to realize i only had 6 months left in my 20's!!!!! Now, I know this might seem crazy to some people, and i totally realize you are probably is crazy. BUT, there is a huge difference in saying, "Hi, my name is Abby and I am 29" and "Hi, my name is Abby and I am 30"

Now, with that being said...I have nothing against anyone at any age so let's get that out there right now. I don't thing 30 is old, and I am actually sort of excited to finally be in my 30's. My point is that, to me, I am closing the chapter that is my 20's and opening a new chapter that will be my 30's and that is both a little scary and exciting all wrapped in one. So...i intend on making the last couple of pages in this chapter of my life as exciting and hilarious as possible...stay tuned!