Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am different!

The reverb10 challenge continues...if you are wondering why I keep answering tough questions every day check out It is a challenge to reflect on the past year and look towards the next. At any rate here is todays question:

December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

Wow...this challenge has proven to be the hardest for me to write. I find it incredibly hard to reflect on what I do that lights people up. My instinct is to call several of my friends or family and just ask them, but that would defeat the entire exercise because it's not really what they say but what I think that matters in this reflection. goes:

When you are growing up you are taught that each person is unique and different and that's what makes each person so special...and I believe this to an extent. The older I have gotten and the more I have come to observe people (because I am overly observant) I have realized that people really aren't that different when it comes right down to the heart of life...which I find comforting. But as for me...the things that I am most proud of in myself and that light up the people I am closest to are so personal to each of the people I am close with.

Its those little moments in life...the moments I call my mom at 6:30 in the morning to tell her to look outside at the sunrise because the thought of her missing it just doesn't seem right...I'm pretty sure that lights her life up.

Or the moments I text my friend about our favorite show Glee...we don't really get to talk on the phone often or see each other in person but those texts are priceless and often hilarious (more her than me...she lights up my life with the hilarious things she says) and I would like to think she enjoys those as much as me, even the texts not about Glee!

Maybe it's the moments I call my dad whenever I need to make a serious (at least to me) life decision...his opinion means the world to me and I think deep down he might get a little light in his life by me still being 30 and calling for his advice...and dad if you are reading this I have finally learned you are normally/always right on the things that really matter :)

I might light up the life of my friends by my constant observations of people...including them. They hang out with me knowing that I will be the one that notices that orange belt the lady in the next bowling lane is wearing and they can talk to me about it when no one else seems to even see it. I am the one that will notice when they are abnormally quite and I will usually ask them if something is wrong...they can't really get away with much because I will notice. I think this is a good quality and I hope they find it different in a way that sheds positive light on our friendship.

i am different in the relationship I have with my sister and brother...we can have what some would find to be a horrible argument and within seconds be laughing and enjoying each others company. Maybe this isn't that different from other siblings out there, but when we argue we ARGUE...we get it out of our system and we don't usually apologize because we know if we have crossed a line it goes with out saying we are sorry. and when we are finished and have said what we need to say we are best friends again...that my friends is called unconditional love:)

When I stop and write about all the little moments that make me different and unique and help to put light in others makes me smile. Even though I still think most people are pretty similar when it comes right down to it, the small things...the things that really count, are the things that make us different. Not everyone has lived the exact life in the exact order with the exact small moments as me, so that makes me different. It makes me see things in a different way and I wouldn't change those exact moments, in the exact order my life has taken me because it has made me who I am today and I'm pretty happy with me!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


December 7 – Community Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

I have tried really hard the past year to put myself in new situations and new communities. I really wanted to meet new and interesting people and create new experiences. One of the ways I discovered community was through a group called Columbus Young Professionals. ( ) I have not gotten as involved with this group as I would like to yet, but it is a perfect way to start becoming apart of a new community. Another way I have discovered community is by way of blogging. I began reading other amazing blogs and even became part of a great community on as one of their official bloggers. It amazes me the wonderful community of bloggers out there and I have enjoyed every minute of reading other peoples experiences!

In the year 2011 I hope to dive deeper into both of the above named communities. I also hope to volunteer more...I often think about doing this but just haven't gotten my act together enough to devote time to this. Volunteering is so important and no excuse in the world is good enough to stop me from pursuing this in the new year!!!

Another community I hope to become apart of, and am VERY excited about comes to be by way of a new job I will be starting in a couple of weeks. Oakstone Health Center ( )is part of Oakstone Academy (a wonderful school) and I hope to dive deep into their community raising awareness for autism and making friends and connections every step of the way! Just writing about all of the ways I want to become more involved in community gets me super excited for the new year...2011 can't come soon enough!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


December 6 – Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

The last thing I made was probably a birthday card. I know I made one for my grandma's birthday, but I am pretty sure I made a card for something else more recently. When I make these cards I usually use markers, colored pencils, photos, and quotes. I make cards rather than buying them sometimes because I enjoy doing it and it seems to show the appreciation or gratitude I have towards that person far better when I create it.

YES, YES, YES there are sooooo many things I want to make but just haven't cleared the time for it. I love art, and find it such an emotional release creating it. I envy my mom for this reason...she has an amazing space and gets to create art all day, every day if she rewarding! Writing this post made me realize how much I need to make the time to create more!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reverb10 challenge continues...

December 5 – Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

I let go of some of my maturity. My entire life I have always lived on a level of maturity that some people would probably describe as "playing it safe". I did what I thought I was suppose to do and made decisions based on logic. This past year I let go of some of that...I became less mature and I played life a little less safely. I had a blast doing this...getting drinks whenever I wanted with friends, buying random things without thinking overly logical about it. I went on trips, I went on dates, switched jobs, took a million pictures, enjoyed happy hours...And even though I turned 30 this year I felt more like I was turning 23!

My effort to be less mature resulted in a fun year, a year that I am pretty confident I needed after years of seriousness...but I have to say I am ready to be mature again! I think it suits me better..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A year filled with wonder!

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

The first thing I did before I wanted to answer this question was to look up the definition of the word "wonder". In the dictionary is is defined as:

a cause of astonishment or admiration; rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one's experience

This year started off with the ending to what has proven to be the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my entire life...divorce. I know I haven't really addressed this time in my life specifically on my blog and I am not sure I will ever go in to very much detail because it is such a personal event and time period in my speak openly about it burns my soul and spirit in ways that are indescribable. So, after going through a long, tough couple of years the end had finally been reached and the divorce was final within the first few days of the new year.

I was left with an entire year to gain back my sense of wonder in the world. This entire last year was just simply that...a year about searching for ways to cultivate wonder again in my life. It started with finding the wonder again in myself...that is never as easy at it sounds, but i think by stepping outside the experiences of the past and remembering all of the amazing things still left in my life I slowly started to realize I was still a pretty great person that had a lot to offer and I still had a lot of life left in me!

I will probably always be working on finding the wonder in myself completely...but the thing that is easier for me to see is the wonder in everyday life. This past year I seriously walked around finding wonder in EVERYTHING! I marveled, admired, and felt complete astonishment at the friendships I had and still have, I went on dates and found the wonder in meeting new people even if they weren't what I was looking for, I found the wonder in random things like snow...its so beautiful if you really stop and stand in it looking straight up into the sky and let it fall all over you: perfect! I found the wonder in becoming vegetarian...trying different foods and actually liking them!

This past year was all about cultivating a sense of wonder and in doing so I am pretty sure I fell back in love with myself and my life...which is a pretty great thing to do!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Reverb10..the ultimate challenge!

I came across this website by way of reading another one of my favorite websites ( ) It is called and it is this amazing writing challenge to reflect on this past year and manifest what's next to come. Each day for the entire month of December, leading up to the new year, they give you a writing prompt that causes you to reflect on 2010 and then to figure out what you want for the year to come. I came across this a few days late so I am just going to begin today. I encourage everyone to think about your answers to these questions and it may just open some doors or windows in to things you never really thought here goes!

December 3 – Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

I have to admit I had to look back on all the pictures I have taken over the past year to help me with this one. It is seriously hard to come up with just one moment that I felt most alive...but my first instinct in answering this was to say it was when I was in Colorado for my friend Amy's wedding. I'm not sure if it was the difference in altitude or the beautiful scenery, but something about that trip touched me and made me feel differently about life.

The specific moment that comes to mind is a simple between the actual wedding ceremony and the reception my dear, sweet, life long friends and I headed back to our condo and sat around an old wooden table in the middle of the room. We threw off our shoes, remained in our wedding formal clothes, ate some chips, drank a few beers, listened to some music and enjoyed the moment.

I don't remember exactly what we talked about or how long we sat there, but none of that really matters was a perfect example of real, true friendship...the kind of friends you don't make in a year. No, these are friendships that have developed over 20 plus years...these are the type of friends you would do anything for, you don't have to explain anything to..the kind of friendships that pick up right where they left off even if it's been months since the last visit. These are the types of friends songs are written about and movies are made about...the kind some people only dream about.

In my head that day was perfect...we laughed, we danced, we forgot about all of lives many stresses and we came together like we have so many times, only this time was a little different. This time was the first time I looked around the room and realized my friends and I were real life adults...we had jobs, families, bills to pay, things we had to get home to. I was most alive in that moment because I was more aware of time than I have ever been. For a brief moment I panicked as the realization of time struck me...the clock is always ticking but as we get older it seems to tick a little louder reminding us those perfect moments will become more precious as life gets shorter and shorter. I felt the most alive because I was simply reminded that life is short...and I am pretty certain that had my life ended right after that moment with those amazing friends sitting around an old wooden table eating chips I would have died a very happy women!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thankful beyond words...but I'll try!

I have been so busy being 30 I haven't made much time to post any blogs. The holiday season has officially began and I cannot believe it is already December 1st!!!!! Thanksgiving has already came and went but I wouldn't feel right without telling you guys about how much fun I had over that holiday weekend. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did...but I am still trying to recover :) Thanksgiving morning my family and I hopped in the car and drove to Granville to run/walk the Turkey Trot was a lovely morning filled with grey skies and rain, but I think we still all enjoyed ourselves.

I am so thankful for my amazing family words could never express how much I enjoy hanging out with them and having them in my life...thanks guys for doing this race with me(and thanks to my friend Natalie and her sister Valerie for joining us too)!!!

Thanksgiving day (after the race) my mom's side of the family, along with my dad's parents, came to our house for a Thanksgiving feast. Part of the reason I like Thanksgiving is to be able to see relatives we don't normally get to see or hang out with. The picture above is of my cousin Amy, Aunt Cynthia (my mom's sister), my mom, me, and my sister Molly...all of the girls from my mom's side of the family. These are people (along with Uncle Stan and my cousin Erin..who were also in attendance) that I don't get to see very often but it is so wonderful to feel the love when they are around. We can always just pick up were we left off and have a good time no that! I was also so happy to see my brother because I don't get to see him very often anymore since he moved and I was so thankful to see him smiling and happy!!!

Friday night after Thanksgiving we headed to Somerset, OH for the 2nd Annual West Village Pub Crawl....the picutre above shows us at pub #3. Last year Natalie, Kelly and I went to NYC and I started to realize how much everyone talked about the "villages". I got it in my head we weren't going to have fun until we went to one of those villages...and I was right the "villages" is where it's at! It was during this time that my cousin Kelly reminded us she lived in a village too and although it is a very small village with only 4 pubs (counting the American Legion) we created the West Village Pub Crawl...and I have a feeling it will continue for years to come :) We have a ball and I already can't wait for next year!

My weekend wasn't complete without heading to OSU campus to tailgate and cheer on the Buckeyes as they beat Michigan...I had so much fun I forgot to take any picures :( At any rate my long holiday weekend was awesome and I am sooo very thankful for the direction my life is headed. I am lucky for so many reasons and simply cannot wait to see where this year will take me and to hopefully continue to share it all with you! Now if I could just get my Christmas shopping done!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Life Lessons

About a week ago I found out a person I had grown up with passed away suddenly. Her name was Ashley and she was a beautiful, amazing and lovely person that will be missed by so many!

Although I have not really seen or spoken to Ashley in years (at least in person) her death has affected me more than I could have ever imagined. It is difficult when someone you have known in your life dies…but it is surreal when they are your age. I think that is one of the reasons why this has hit me so hard…I could be Ashley. All of a sudden it is not so farfetched… LIFE IS SHORT.

This sudden death has thrown my life a curve ball…it has forced me to look at everything I am doing, every relationship I have ever had. It has caused me to want to reach out to every old friend I have lost contact with and let them know I care about all of them…even if we aren’t close or never talk in person. This death has affected me to the core and it’s not just because the world has lost someone so fascinating and lovely. It is because it has made me look in the mirror and question my life… and that is uncomfortable!

When you are smacked in the face and forced to look at yourself in a way you never really did before, it’s hard. When you suddenly realize how short and precious life is, how deeply meaningful every person and relationship you have ever had is, when you want to make sure all of your life choices are for the right reasons…when you are faced with all of these things, it is hard to even know where to begin.

It seems so intimidating to live your life like it could end at any moment. Ashley’s death is such a tragic loss, but her life was something that should be celebrated! Out of such a devestating situation there is a priceless lesson to be had. We are all reminded of how precious life is. To live each day like it could be your last is scary, but it’s the truth; it could be your last. So let’s make each day mean something…start reaching out to those people you have been meaning to contact but never took the time to, remember your hopes and dreams and start taking steps to live those!

“One day your life will flash before your eyes…make sure it is worth watching!”

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I woke up Friday morning and didn't really feel back didn't hurt, my knees seemed fine...I somehow turned 30 and survived!!! I have to say 30 feels pretty good. The chance to start fresh in a new decade feels oddly liberating. I feel like I have a whole life ahead of me and I see it all so much more clearly. To be honest I don't know if it's really because I turned 30 or what happened...but I honestly just feel so...happy. This was quite possibly the best birthday yet for me and it was such a simple one..spent with family and friends the way I wanted it to be. My life just seems to be falling together and I somehow have extreme confidence that this year will be one of my best!!!
Of course I took pics to showcase the events of my birthday...but please forgive me, i got wrapped up in the moments and didn't take very many. The day began with me actually waking up early and jogging 3 miles(i'm training for the Disney half marathon...and besides my first day officially being 30 i figured i should start of responsible and healthy, right?) So, anyway...jogged then headed over to meet up with my mom, sister, aunt Mickey and cousin Kelly for some girl time which included pedicures:
Cocktails...of course! it was 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
We shopped around for a little while, then headed to the Short North where I got to try Jeni's ice cream for the first time...and I am officially in LOVE with this stuff. We had fun exploring shops we wouldn't usually get to look around and then headed back to Zanesville to meet up with more family and friends for dinner at Muddy Misers...a great little restaurant that I happen to also LOVE! This is a picture of one of my closest friends Codi that i am so happy came out and joined us for the night!

And the cake...I have to give my cousin Kelly so much credit for making this thing. I had seen on a website this rainbow cake and fell in love (yes i love rainbows, get over it) It was six layers each a different color of the rainbow and just looking at made you smile. Anyway Kelly knew how much i loved it and tried to recreate it...which sort of happened until she found it in her car like had fallen over. is the thought that counts and i was so thankful she put so much effort in and despite the looks it was DELICIOUS!!!!! (ps..check out the box she put it in...impressive)
My birthday weekend continued on to Saturday where we celebrated my dad's birthday and attended my cousin's wedding. If you have read my blog before you know I LOVE weddings, so having a family wedding to go to on my birthday weekend was a present in disguise for me. It was such a lovely wedding filled with so much love and happiness. Congrats Adam and Kali!

Over all, it was a great weekend and birthday made possible by all of my wonderful friends and family. I can't say enough about how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life and I feel very motivated and happy to make this 30th year of my life one of the best yet!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let the celebration begin...OMG!!!

Growing up there was a group of us that had our birthdays around the same time. I always new when it was Amy's birthday at the end of September it was the beginning of birthday season! I loved birthdays then, and I still love them today...even if it is my big 3-0!! In my family you basically got to celebrate your birthday for an entire was and still is perfectly acceptable to use the excuse "but it's my birthday..." We would wake up on our birthday and my mom would make us breakfast which usually consisted of pancakes with strawberry's and whip cream on an awesome plate that said "happy birthday" around the edge. Needless to say you always felt special on your birthday in my family. And I am happy to report that every year, no matter where we are, my parents will call us on our birthday morning and sing (usually happily off key) the entire birthday song...its sort of become our family thing cause usually my brother and sister and I now all call home to sing it to our parents too on their birthday.

Birthdays are special to me because who can deny how nice it is for everyone to come together on your day and remind you that they like you and are genuinely happy you were born in the first place! And i like birthdays because i really enjoy reminding my friends and family that i like them and am happy they were born too:) Which brings me back to one of my favorite times of year...birthday season. As i said, my friend Amy was usually the kick off birthday, followed by many others and its nice to report that even after all of these years of being friends we have still managed to get together during birthday season to celebrate all of our big 3-0's.
(i feel it is necessary to include in this that i have other great friends who don't live close to us or who have birthdays not during my "birthday season". I love all of them equally and if i could i would travel to celebrate with all of them..possibly even bring a house candle for them to blow out too. unfortunately its really hard to make it to all the parties due to location but i really needed to acknowledge the rest of my friends because i love them and thier birthdays too!)

Here is the first of the season..a group of us at Genji to celebrate Amy's 30th.

And here is David blowing out his house candle (I made the cake but forgot the real birthday candles) to celebrate his big 30th!
And although it seemed like the day would never come (or the week, cause that's how i celebrate it) is upon us...the first in several birthday celebrations for my big 30th! It was a fun occasion had by all...Natalie made her famous white trash casserole...and even made me a small personal portion with no meat, YUM!
This was followed by a delicious and very fall festive dirt pie made by Kelly. Since Kelly forgot the same birthday candles i had forgotten for Davids party, we were forced to use another house candle..which turns out is alot funnier and alot harder to blow out then the small birthday candles. But i managed to make a wish and blow the candle out...
We ate that deleeecious dessert and posed for a horribly cheesy picture taken by Ben Snyder...he has recently added photographer to his new list of talents :)

I have to say, I have been a little nervous about turning 30 but now that the birthday season is officially in full effect I'm kind of getting excited. I think if i didn't love birthdays so much it may be a different story, but thanks to my family and friends i am ready to face this Friday October 22 with a brave and surprisingly happy face. I am ready for this new year and all that is has to offer...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pescatarian, Vegetarian, or Vegan..oh my?!?!?!

When I decided to stop eating cow, pig, chicken, or any other warm blooded animal last January it was for several reasons which i will explain briefly a little later in this blog. It wasn't really hard for me to give those things up because I was never much of a meat eater prior anyway. I never really labeled what i was doing because it was just sort of a personal decision and i didnt want anyone to question or judge what i was doing. It wasnt until i went to Panera (my friend Natalie is obsessed and often makes me go there) and asked if they had any sort of fish i could add to salad rather than chicken that i learned the term "pescatarian". The girl taking my order said, "oh sure, we have salmon...are you a pescatarian?" I looked at her really confused and so she then explained to me that a pescatarian is someone that only eats fish, not read meat or chicken. So, from then on i was a pescatarian...
As time has gone on i have continued my pescatarian lifestyle but after reading several books and blogs i am strongly thinking about taking this a step further and becoming vegetarian or even vegan!!!! For those of you that dont know a vegetarian is someone that doesnt eat meat at fish or red meat, or chicken or anything...and a vegan is someone that doesnt eat anything that comes from an animal, so on top of not eating any meat they also have no eggs, milk, cheese, etc. Why am i even thinking about doing this you may be asking yourself...well i would love to answer that :)

The first reason I even began living this lifestyle was because of a book called Skinny Bitch. It is great book explaining alot of things dealing with animal based food and all sorts of unhealthy things you probably didnt even realize about food. This book was both fascinating and highly disturbing to me. Especially the chapter on factory farming...I have decided to not go in to very much detail about all of this but i strongly recommend everyone read this book because the things that go on for us to eat are horrific!!!

The second reason I decided to continue this lifestyle is because of another book my mom gave me to read called Eating Animals. This book is equally amazing but I actually found it to be even more of a motivation to not eat animals (hence the name) than the other book. This author had a child and decided he wanted to really investigate where the food he could be feeding his son came from. Throughout this authors life he had been both vegetarian and a meat eater, but he really wanted research about what the best option was for his family. I admired him because he looked at all angles of the food industry. he visited the factory farms with horrible, gut wrenching (literally) things happening...and also visited organic, wonderful farms where animals are slaughtered in the most humane way possible. Unfortunately a HUGE percentage of the meat we purchase is from factory farms...again, i won't go in to the gory details, but i encourage you to read this book as well because it will change your opinion about eating animals.

I have also come across several blogs from some wonderful women that live healthy vegan lifestyles...and it has really inspired me to think more about what i am eating and to possible become a vegan. Time will tell because being vegan is a lot of work starting off...learning new recipes, buying alot of new kitchen staples, etc. But if it is something that really means alot to you then i suppose those are just excuses and i should probably just go for it. I will keep you posted, but i really would encourage anyone that ever thinks about where their food is coming from to read these books!!!

ps...the blogs i was just talking about that are super excellent are:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost 30!!!

Hey everyone! As you know I moved in August and i have become so busy with day to day life that i have completely neglected my blog. I have so many things i want to i really need to step it up on here PLUS i only have 9 short days until i hit the big 3-0!!! so little time left in my 20's and so much to blog about...i'm overwelmed.

you may or may not know that i LOVE quotes...i think i like them so much because it amazes me how much they can inspire and move me with so few words. my latest favorite is this:

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer"
--Zora Neale Hurston

I was so struck by the truth in this quote. Most people make resolutions and promises for a new year on new years eve... but i usually do this on my birthday. To me, that is the beginning of my new year. When i first read this quote i knew right away, without a doubt, i have just lived through several years that were all about asking questions. how many years in a row can we really live through life with only questions and no real answers, right?? those "question" years can really way on you, and i know from experience sometimes it feels like you may never catch a break...but, i think (and really hope) that we absolutely must have question years to really appreciate the answer years. without questions, what is the point of answers anyway?

I am confident that i have asked enought questions about life in the last couple of years that my 30th year will be one of answers! I am actually excited about what this next year might bring...even if there are a few questions thrown in there :) I encourage everyone to embrace the questions...ask a million of them about life and then really listen to the answers, you might be surprised at what you hear!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where have I been!?!?!?!

Ok...I know i have been MIA for almost a month from my poor blog, but I have good reason,

My entire life I have always had roommates, whether it was my lovely little sister, dorm life, apartment roommates, or housemates...I have always lived with someone. I always liked that sharing a room with my sister that is 8 years younger than me wasn't always the best of times, but for the most part roommate lifestyle and me really got along.

Two years ago when I moved back to Ohio I rented an apartment and lived by myself for the first time in my life. At first it was horrible...i was going thru so many things in my life all at once that I did not want to face at all. So being by myself was something that forced me to analyze my life in a way that having roommates doesn't make you this very uncomfortable and naked way that leaves you feeling completely vulnerable. I was reminded of this feeling while reading the book, "Eat, Pray, Love". In the book she says,

"When I get lonely these days I think, so be lonely. Learn your way around lonliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life."

So, slowly I learned to become friends with lonliness. It was actually not that bad once you saw it for what it was...a time to really figure out who you are, a time to learn more about yourself, a time to evaluate your strenths and weakness. Its during your lonliest times that you discover how strong you can be...and in discovering that strenth you feel free...ok ,so at least I did. I cant really speak for every one and maybe lonliness doesnt have the same affect on other people... but i encourage you, the next time lonliness comes knocking on your door...answer it and sit with it for a while because you could be surprised at what you discover, i know i was!

At any rate...after two years of "discovering" myself (which was much needed I might say) I am now proud to be back in the roommate club. I live with cousin and also, I am happy to say, one of my best friends.

Although lonliness and I got pretty close over the last couple of years...having a roomate and not living by myself best suites me. As i draw closer to my 30th birthday i would have to say i am pretty proud of myself and am content with where my life is headed, except for maybe one thing...I wanna be a billionare so freaking bad!! (haha)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bringing back an old song

So, I was looking up random things on i-tunes and came across this song. Of course I downloaded it because I download EVERYTHING and pretend like it doesn't cost me a penny :)
What can I say, like I already mentioned, I love music!!!

Anyway as a graduate of the class of '99 this song brought back memories from that year, but I also listened to it for the first time since then and was struck at the how the words still ring so true. They actually ring even more true to me now, at this point in my life, than they did to me back then at the ripe old age of 18..haha! Its such a weird thing to slowly realize the importance of really listening to the advice of people that are older than you and have been in your place at one time. When I was younger, and I know this is true for most people, I thought I knew it all...listening to my parents on certain things was laughable. Now, at the tender age of 29 (almost 30, but who's counting) I feel blessed to have been through enough crap to have learned that listening to my parents and older people that really care about me, is the best thing I could ever do.

It's like in history class growing up, you never understood why you needed to learn about things that happened so many years ago...but one day you realize the importance....there is so much to learn from people that have already walked in our shoes, it's important to learn from past mistakes.

When going through things in my life I remember always saying, "No one knows how I feel!!" And I remember my dad telling me, "Abby, I know it feels like you are the only one going through these things, but you aren't at many people go through the same things!" Listening to this song really just re-reminded me that my dad was right, and remains right on a lot of things because he has been there and might actually know what he is talking about. The adults of the world that care about us, might actually be offering advice because they wish someone would have told them these things when they were younger...too bad you don't realize their advice is sound until you are old enough to be giving advice too.

I guess I am lucky to have realized before turning 30 the importance of truly listening to the people that care about you...their advice comes from years of walking in the same shoes as you. Thank you to all of the wonderful people in my life that are older than me and offer me advise...just know, that I am finally ready to listen, so keep up the good advice!!!

Here is a link to that wonderful song that sparked this long blog entry, really listen to the words and be inspired :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I love music just about as much as I love makeup, Christmas, weddings, hanging out with family and friends...I really love music. I can't dance well, and I can't sing AT ALL, but both fascinate me. Growing up I don't really remember my parents listening to music very much but they did introduce me to musicals. I loved watching musicals...anything that included people singing or dancing I loved. I remember hearing the emotion in their voices and seeing the emotion in their movements and thinking it was could they get me to feel the same things just by watching??? I was hooked.

As I got older my love for music helped me get through so many things in my life. I have to imagine many other people can say the same thing, at least I hope they can hold the same joy as I do just thinking about certain songs. I love that I can think of a memory and almost immediately the song that was apart of that memory pops in my head. Or if you hear a song it can instantly take you back to the time, place, and emotion you felt when you listened to that song the most. I don't know of anything else like it. Just hearing certain songs I am instantly 16 again and hurting from a break up, or if i hear another song I can close my eyes and smell the grass at soccer practice. Almost every emotion imaginable I feel upon hearing certain songs. My world without music would have been a much harder is my therapy.

I could go on forever about this, but this picture below is something I created that will actually be published in a book (along with artwork from my mom...details to come later) I was supposed to creat something that depicted "Live like you're dying" and this is what I came up with....This is a picture of me on the subway for the first time and I felt more free and happy at that instant than I had in awhile. When I was looking for a picture that could go with this post I came across this one and instantly knew it also depicted the way music makes me feel, completely alive!!What's your favorite song that makes you feel things and remember memories you forgot all about???

Monday, June 14, 2010


First of all I really need to express the gratitude I have for all of the amazing and wonderful comments I got about my previous post. It made me feel great to see how it touched so many of really is just what i think and feel at weddings and probably always will. Sometimes it takes another persons point of view to suddenly see something in a different light. I love asking people what they think about things because it helps me to see things in ways i may not have seen them never be afraid to ask too many questions, you may learn something!

I came across this first picture of my parents house from my moms camera. I thought it was so pretty. This picture reminds me of so many things...looking out the window in grade school hoping to wake up to this much snow on the ground and a glorious snow day. It reminds me of Christmas...which i love. My mom decorates the crap out of our house and i have always thought our house is the perfect Christmas card house. Just looking at this picture makes me happy and smile.

And here is another picture of our house...this one is taken in the summer and makes me equally happy. There is just something about going home to a house where so many memories were made, where you grew up, where you cried and laughed and still continue to make those memories. Home is being comfortable, home is one of the best things in the entire world and I am so lucky to have such a great home filled with people that are just as great!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So, I haven't posted a blog in awhile...I need to jump back in to it. I guess I didn't realize anyone was reading it until I started talking to people and they let me know they actually enjoyed reading this. It was strange, but seriously very nice to know that anyone even cared about what i had to say. So for that, i will try and update this more often.

The topic of this blog is weddings. For those of you that know me, and have known me for awhile, know that I You also know that i have been burned a time or two (and have probably burned myself as well) and you may think attending a wedding would be something i don't look forward to, or something i get sad about. Of course part of me does get a little sad thinking about things, but mostly i think about weddings and simply feel...happy. I love weddings...i always have, and i think i always will. i think i could go to a complete strangers wedding and still look around and be completely wrapped up in the swirling emotions of excitment and joy that most every wedding has surrounding it.

Weddings are such a hopeful time. You surround yourself with the people that have made you who you are, the people that have watched you grow, the people that have helped you grow. you invite the people that you just simply enjoy, the people that love you and want nothing but the best for you. there is a room, or a beach, or like this past weekend; a beautiful deck looking over mountains filled with people that are all there for the same smile, to be reminded that love does exist, to be hopeful, to look at their friends and family and to be reminded of how special and quick life really is,and to celebrate a couple that has decided it is worth it to promise to one another in front of everyone that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. At least that is what i think about at weddings. I think about past weddings i have been to...all of them different, but all of them the same. I think about what my parents or grandparents weddings must have been like, and imagine it would have felt the same way had i been sitting there watching their wedding. i would have smiled, been hopeful, laughed and felt like something was right in the world...even if only for that little slice of time.

It reminds me of a song by John Mayer called "The Heart of Life". Some of the lyrics of that song go like this:

Pain throws your heart to the ground
love turns the whole thing around
no it wont all go the way it should,
but i know the heart of life is good.

To me, at weddings, i am reminded that no matter what has happened in my life, no matter who i may not be getting along with, no matter how tired or stressed or busy i may be...i go to a wedding and for that moment i am reminded that the heart of life really is good. weddings are, and always have been so magical to me because they bring people together from all over the place to celebrate something we forget about all too

Congratulations Amy and was a beautiful wedding!!! Despite the altitude it was so great to be together with all of my wonderful, beautiful, and hilarious friends.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss you, Love you, Mean it...

This past weekend I was reminded of one of the main things that made me the person I am today. I know this is all probably going to sound a bit cheesy, but it's my blog and I can write whatever I want :)

Growing up I may have taken for granted a lot of things, but as you get older you realize the friendships you made growing up are some of the most precious ones you will ever have. I have been lucky enough to be apart of such an amazing group of people. I can't say enough about these people...and when I really sit here and think about them I am seriously near tears. To make and maintain a wonderful relationship with one or two friends in your life is something I would like to think most people have, at least I would hope they do. But to be able to maintain such strong friendships with an entire group of people as amazing and wonderful as my friends is something not everyone gets to experience.
I have had the same group of friends since I was about 9 years old...sure some have come and gone and I have made new friends in different chapters of my life, but these people have grown with me and know me like no other group of people ever could. And now I am going to quote the greatest show ever made, My So Called Life ( you know you loved that show too!) In that show I remember hearing one of the characters saying this and even back then knowing exactly what she meant...she said "There's the people who you've known forever who, like, know you in this way that other people can't, because they've seen you change...they've let you change."

I can (and often do) call any one of these people at any time, and can tell them a brief story, with little detail, and they can tell me exactly what i should do. And I trust them with every ounce of my being because they have been there and know me. We have seen each other at our worst and at our best, at our ugliest, fatest, skinniest, most beautiful. We have been there for the lows, the highes, and everything in between. We have seen each other hurt, scream, fall down and have a hard time getting back up, but we have also laughed so hard we have tears running down our face. We have so many great memories it's hard to even put them in words, but don't worry Jessica has captured most of them on film and when we do get together we can usually be found reminiscing on all of the hilarious things we used to do,and still do.
Through all of this, somehow we still manage to make extreme efforts to maintain these relationships because we know how precious these people are. We love these people, they have become our family and it is beyond words comforting to know you always have an army at your side when you need them. Here are a few pics from Amy's bach party and bridal brunch...aka tea and crumpets...just another tradition we have carried on for all of our weddings (made possible by Deb and Anne, and all of the other wonderful moms...that's an entire other post, stay tuned) With the exception of a few key players most of us were here this weekend and the ones that couldn't make it, we for sure contacted and thought about often. miss you, love you, mean it!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Job...New Hair

I have been working for a great radiology company for the past seven months. I loved the job and more importantly loved the people I worked with. When I was approached a couple of months ago about a different position within the same company I was confused at first. As you know from my previous blog, I LOVE makeup!!! What you may not know is that my love for makeup actually carries over into anything to do with the beauty industry.

When the time came for me to decide what to do next after graduating from high school, I looked at my dad and said, "Dad, I want to go to school to learn how to put makeup on people better." Thankfully my dad explained that him and my mom really wanted me to get my college education, and if I graduated from college and still wanted to learn about makeup, I could do that AFTER college.

Fast forward four years and I did graduate college, and will never regret that for a second. Much to my parents surprise (i really cant believe they were surprised...have they met me?) I turned to my dad and let him know I still wanted to learn about makeup. Again, thankfully, my parents are wonderful and understood and encouraged the thing I have a passion

Anyway, long story short I got my esthetician and nail tech license and worked in a medical spa for awhile, had several other jobs,came across some "road bumps" (that's what i call it) and then found myself back at square matter what job I had, I still always had a passion for the beauty industry. Anyone that ever spends time with me knows I could and will talk forever, with much enthusiasm, about anything beauty. back to my new job. It just so happens that the company I work for owns their very own medical spa and so they asked me if I would be interested in taking on the office coordinator position. (even the company knew I loved this stuff...I guess I really do talk about it alot :) )

After asking the opinion of anyone I could get a hold of I decided to take the position. With a new job, obviously comes a new hairdo. I still like my long hair so the only way to change long hair is the color (too expensive) or bangs (naturally). So...I got bangs, and love them!

Here are some pics from the new job and of the new hair, enjoy:

The waiting the chandelier!!
The new hair!!!
The really nice cool is the sink?!!?
My lovely desk:
Me sitting at my desk:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Capital City Half Marathon...done and done!

So, it has been about a week since my last blog but I promise I will try and do better this week! Anyways, last weekend my family participated in a half marathon. My fascination with jogging and races started when I was about 20 years old. My mom started training for and finishing marathons. I started thinking, "if my mom can finish a marathon, why can't I?" So, I did just that. My mom and I signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon. Once you sign up for a race like that it sort of gives you the motivation/fear to actually get out their and train. Needless to say, after months of long runs, short runs, and hours of quality bonding time with my mom (when you are jogging for hours you have plenty of time to talk) we finished the marathon. During the training for the marathon I also did the Athens half marathon, and last October I completed the Columbus half marathon also.

So...when I suggested to my mom that we walk the half as a family she was all for it. We got matching green outfits and showed up race day and gave it hell...through rain and pain, we finished the darn thing! It was fun, so fun that I think we are going to sign up for the Columbus half in October. Anyway here are a few pics from the race.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Oh, happy hour...that magical couple of hours when beer and appetizers are cheaper than normal. I love those couple of hours. Several friends and I have tried to make it a practice to weekly get together one evening during the week for happy hour. We still usually call it WWW (working women Wednesday) even if we go on a Thursday, and even if men join us :)

I love this picture of us at happy hour for many reason, but the main one is my friend Sarah's's hilarious and i think everyone should own that shirt. It reads: "get to the pint" ...the perfect happy hour/WWW shirt. Hmmm...maybe we should get shirts made that say that and WWW. Anyway i just wanted to get a blog in here quickly, but watch for family and i finished a half marathon today (blog to come!) I hope everyone is having a great weekend and that this finds you living fearless and always laughing!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I LOVE makeup!

So, as i was getting ready for work this morning I realized that i I have a ton of makeup. This is a picture of my makeup (well some of it...I have more in my closet)

I love makeup...everything about it. Every morning, I actually get a teeny bit excited at the thought that I have so many choices. If I look outside and the sunrise is especially pretty, I might decide to wear oranges, yellows, and reds on my eyes. If I wake up and see my favorite pink scarf I might decide to wear pink lipgloss. I might have on a navy blue sweater... well have no fear cause i'm gonna wear navy blue eye makeup. Makeup is an art for me and one of my passions in life! I could go on forever about it.

Whether you are 29, 30, or 65 makeup is fun. It intimidates some people, but I think if they looked at it like I do...a way to express themselves, it could be fun for them too. So, women all over the world, wake up...look in the mirror...don't be nervous...and express yourself!!! HAVE FUN, BE FEARLESS, AND FOR GOD SAKES LAUGH WHILE DOING!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day drinking = several days to recoup!

So this weekend was the OSU spring game. I love, love, love Ohio State football Saturdays so I was really excited to tailgate and to get a preview of future Saturdays to come this fall. I ended up having a lot of fun with friends, and even ran in to my friend Julie that i never get to see and was really excited to spend a little time with. (ps..thanks to Julie for remembering her camera, without it there would be no photos from this weekend)

Anyway, we traveled from the great Varsity Club (way to crowded for our taste) on to the trusty Scarlet and Grey Cafe...we have been watching games there for years and it is still the perfect place:great people, cheap beer, yummy pizza, and room to move. So, here are a few pics from the day...the wonderful but extremely exhausting day. I think i learned my lesson, day drinking is fun, but i might not have many days like that left in has taken me until right now to fully recover...but I guess in the end...IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Ok, so on to the pics: this first one requires a small explanation. This is my wonderful friend who will remain un-named for now. She made her own fanny pack with her sweatshirt and thought it was the best idea...needless to say she eventually had her sweatshirt tied around her shoulders like she was at a golf/horse event...

And here is a "some of us" group shot...

Thursday, April 22, 2010 end day one...according to my dear friend Kerry this is what i do when i get nervous or even when i am just with my hair and "pout" my lips...REALLY, this looks ridiculous!! if this is really what i do, tomorrow on day 2 i need to practice NOT doing this :)

My fave newspaper that helps me find all kinds of cool things to do in the Columbus area...and my beer

Butter's Bar...

T-minus 6 months

ok, so my birthday is October 22...I officially have about 180 days, give or take a couple, until the big 3-0. (dun, dun, dun!) What do I do to celebrate this beginning? Plus it's Earth day, so i obviously can't forget to celebrate the Earth :)

A couple of days ago i get an email from my friend Natalie (you will hear alot about her on this blog...(more about her story to come) and she tells me about this bar featured in our fave Columbus newspaper, Columbus Alive ( ) called "Butter's". We are always on the look out for fun, cheap and cool local hole-in-the-wall bars so we were excited to check this out, and what better day then today! It proved to be cheap, kinda cool, for sure hole-in-the-wall, and probably fun on a weekend night...but needless to say we were hungry (story of our lives) so we had to move on cause Butter's Bar has no kitchen.

We moved on to Average Joe's, which we have already had 2 bad experiences there but thought..."let's give it ONE more go". We are officially done with this bar! The great saying "three strikes and you're out" never meant so much! The service is Les Mis, and the food is just ok. We had a couple of beers, chearsed to a few things and made plans to tailgate for the OSU spring game this weekend. All in was a pretty good night.

End of day one on my journey. I had fun and can't wait for for day two. Tomorrow I think my goal is to look at every person and find one characterisic about them I wish i possessed. Try could prove to be very beneficial...goals are always a good thing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just a picture of the the person that inspired me to do this lovely mother... love ya mom!

My first blog EVER!!!

Hi everyone!! I have to say, there is something oddly exciting about writing on this blog for the first time. I have always been a person that keeps a journal, and when times get tough find it therapy to write things down....but to have your thoughts out there for the world to read, odd.

So, the story of how I suddenly realized my age: I currently work at a doctors office scheduling. I recently had to send myself a reminder to call a certain patient in 6 months to schedule another office visit. When I did the "math" (I'm bad at math, so even counting 6 months ahead is so not fun or easy) I was faced with the disturbing 6 months it will be October. AWWWWWW, my birthday is in October, therefore, in my weird world that led me to realize i only had 6 months left in my 20's!!!!! Now, I know this might seem crazy to some people, and i totally realize you are probably is crazy. BUT, there is a huge difference in saying, "Hi, my name is Abby and I am 29" and "Hi, my name is Abby and I am 30"

Now, with that being said...I have nothing against anyone at any age so let's get that out there right now. I don't thing 30 is old, and I am actually sort of excited to finally be in my 30's. My point is that, to me, I am closing the chapter that is my 20's and opening a new chapter that will be my 30's and that is both a little scary and exciting all wrapped in one. So...i intend on making the last couple of pages in this chapter of my life as exciting and hilarious as possible...stay tuned!